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Endango Board Game

Kids go green to save the animals

Endango board game.

Endango is a fun game for adults and kids ages six and up to play and “get green”! The object of the game is to move your three game animals from endangered to saved.

Each player selects an Endango kid (a recyclable plastic game piece to move around the board), a habitat and animals. For example, if your Endango kid says polar ice, the animals you play with will be polar bear, walrus and penguin. If your Endango kid says ocean, the animals you will be playing with are seal, sea turtle and whale.

Spin the Endango wheel to determine the number of spaces to move your game piece. If your Endango kid lands on a green space, it is considered a good behavior and you have earned points that move one of your animals toward saved. For example, riding your bike earns you one point. Wearing hand-me-down clothes will earn two points, etc. If you land on a white space, it is considered a bad behavior and moves one of your animals toward extinct. Some examples of lost points include littering and watching too much TV (lose two points). If your game piece lands on an Endango space, you have to answer a question about endangered animals such as, “True or false: there are only 500 elephants left in the world.” If you get the question correct you earn points, which move your animals closer to saved. If you get the question wrong, you don’t lose points, but also don’t earn any. In order to win, you must get all of your animals saved before anyone else. You can also play a non-competitive version where you keep playing until everyone’s animals are saved.

I think this game was a lot of fun to play and I felt great when I saved all of my animals. Endango is an educational game that helps kids learn about being green!

Downside: The game is a little complex because the directions are difficult to understand. It is easier for kids to play with adults when first learning how to play the game.

Cost: $19.99

Buy it at:

Jorah Grady (age 9) is a homeschooled girl who lives in Athens, OH and enjoys writing and playing games.