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Laken Prisma Water Bottle

The Laken Prisma 1 liter aluminum water bottle.

Pretty much everyone knows by now to avoid water bottles with BPA (bisphenol-A). Personally, I knew that when my water smelled and tasted like plastic, but a lot of people need to hear it from an expert.

Laken has been making BPA-free, aluminum water bottles for years. The big plus is that the Laken bottles are recyclable – you can place them with your curbside aluminum recycling when the time comes. But like other high-quality aluminum bottles (think Sigg), they can take a beating and still hold water, so that time isn’t likely to come soon. The squared off shape of the Prisma means it won’t roll away, but this one-liter bottle won’t fit into your bicycle bottle cage. Go for the Grolsh lid, which is attached to the body, if you don’t want to worry about losing it, or go for the classic screw top for a wider opening.

The Prisma is lined inside with a BPA-free epoxy, but it does have that brand new chemical smell when you first open the lid. My nose tells me to wait for Laken’s Inox stainless steel bottle coming available in March 2009 – no lining to worry about.

Cost: $25

Buy it at: Your local gear shop or find a real or online retailer at