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POE Piñata Dry Food Bag

The p.o.e. pinata comes in pig, frog or fish.

Ditch the sleeping bag stuff sack and rock routine for hanging your food bags, and invest in the Pacific Outdoor Equipment piñata – designed by backpackers whose sense of functionality is matched by their sense of humor.

The sturdy, waterproof bag holds 25 liters, which is much bigger than your sleeping bag stuff sack, and it won’t bust at the seams (it has a lifetime warranty). The piñata comes with 50 feet of cord, which stuffs into an integrated throw bag – so say goodbye to trying to tie parachute cord around a rock. No rock, no problem. You can put a bag of dried fruit or nuts into the throw bag and toss it over a tree limb (be sure to put that food back into the piñata before hoisting).

The bag and cord are attached by a small (but not chintzy) locking carabiner and all components weigh in at 11 ounces. Best of all, the piñata comes in three varieties: pig, frog and fish.

Cost: $44.95

Buy it at: Your local gear shop; find a retailer at