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Rock Candy Climbing Holds

Hold me. Touch me. Feel me.

If you’re looking for some tasty holds for your home climbing wall, check out Akron’s own Rock Candy Climbing Holds. Owner Nathan Yokum started playing around with making his own holds to save money. The hobby turned into a business in 2007, and the result is an array of holds made of urethane (less toxic that the old-school polyethylene) for different styles of climbing.

Try the Gum Drops and Skimpies for vertical walls and the Wish Bones or Sea Sponges for overhanging walls. The Hueco Crimps do a good job of simulating real rock crimpers.

As an added touch, Rock Candy tries to reduce waste in manufacturing and uses recycled shipping materials.

Cost: Sets run $29-$89

Buy them at: Your local gear shop (ask them to carry the holds if they don’t) or