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MBT anti-shoe

The Lami. MBT has sport, casual and professional models.

If Crocs can become a fashion statement, then the MBT anti-shoe can take over the world. How’s that, you ask? It’s because the anti-shoe isn’t just ugly; it’s ugly with a purpose.

MBT stands for Masai Barefoot Technology and the history is this: Swiss engineer Karl Müller determined that there was a connection between the Masai tribe of Africa’s barefoot lifestyle and lack of back problems. He went on to design this “physiological footwear” that mimics walking barefoot in the sand; it is made to distribute pressure along the whole foot in order to improve posture and reduce stress on feet as well as knee and hip joints.

When you first put on these shoes, they feel weird because they are intentionally unstable, but it’s easy to get used to (and when you go back to a regular shoe it feels like a plank on your foot). What I’ve noticed about the anti-shoe is that it’s pretty much impossible to slouch or constantly shift your weight from one foot to the other. My posture is definitely improved by these shoes and there are scientific studies to back up the anecdotal evidence.

For the outdoor athlete, this shoe is great if you’re trying to improve your own posture/joint pain issues, but it’s especially useful if you’re supporting your climbing/paddling/whatever lifestyle by waiting tables all day.

Cost: $230-$270

Buy it at: Your local shoe store/gear shop; find one that sells MBT at