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SwissFlash 2G Pocket Tool

The SwissFlash 2G - there are lots of variations on this multitool.

Next time you want to show off to your coworker what you did this weekend, don’t e-mail photos; instead, mosey over to their office and offer to upload some shots to their computer via the flash drive on your new SwissFlash multitool. This says “I’d rather be (fill in the blank)” better than any bumper sticker.

The SwissFlash is not a backcountry tool, it’s definitely for home and office, but it’s for people with backcountry sensibilities. This 2¼-inch device will come in handy in a number of non-gloating situations with its knife blade, file/screwdriver, bright LED flashlight, scissors and ball point pen, in addition to that flash drive. Price each of these items out individually for comparison, and you’ll see it’s a pretty good deal.

Cost: $69

Buy it at: Your local gear shop or