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A Fork in the Trail

By Laurie Ann March


We’ve all grown up hearing the old line, “Don’t judge a book by its cover,” but this time go ahead and judge. A Fork in the Trail is every bit as delicious as its cover appears, and if you think that’s good, wait till you prepare the recipes.

The book could use more photography (only eight pages of pictures in the 300-page book), but the lack of photos means it’s brimming with recipes influenced from all over the world. Kudos to author Laurie Ann March for making this wilderness cookbook extremely user friendly. Each page is structured with an ingredients needed column, at-home directions, at-camp directions and tips. Symbols indicate vegetarian and exceptionally lightweight recipes. Select from an assortment of meals, snacks, foods for children or even treats for dogs. The key to March’s pack-worthy meals is dehydration, so be prepared to dehydrate everything from fruit to spaghetti sauce. This book also provides chapters on dehydration tips and menu planning for families and larger groups with three- and six-day meal plan examples. There’s even a measurement conversion chart in the back and a glossary of special ingredients.

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