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Icebreaker Bodyfit / 150 Atlas Shirt

The Icebreaker Atlas long-sleeve t-shirt, part of the Bodyfit / 150 series.

Ya know what stinks – literally? Synthetic clothes. After a day of outdoor pursuits, a polyester base layer will reek. Not so with the high quality merino wool Icebreaker uses in their base layer shirts and underwear. The aptly named Bodyfit (the fit is very snug) line comes in 3 thicknesses; the 150 is the thinnest. The long-sleeve Atlas is considered an all-season shirt, but unless you’re particularly cold-natured, you probably won’t reach for this top until it’s under 60 degrees, so it’s perfect for cool summer nights. Since wool still insulates when wet and dries quickly, the Bodyfit also works well in the rain. It packs down to the size of a pop can, so you can easily stuff it into a pocket before heading outside.

Cost: $60

Buy it at: Your local gear shop or